Referral Services

Camden Equine Centre (CEC) is excited to announce a significant change to its operations. Throughout 2021, our hospital will be transitioning to what we envisage will become a world-leading equine sports medicine and rehabilitation service.  Not only will this benefit Australian sport horse owners, it will provide better research opportunities, enabling us to fulfil our academic mission.

We aim to recruit world leaders in the field, and we will be expanding our diagnostic imaging capabilities to support the service.

The CEC will largely operate Monday to Friday, 8 am – 5 pm. A veterinary nurse will work in the evenings and will be on-call if an existing inpatient needs attention. While we will still be accepting non-emergency medicine and surgical cases, which do not require 24/7 intensive care, our 24-hour intensive care service will not be available after December 14, 2020.

Please click FAQ’s, which includes a list of cases that will continue to be seen at the CEC and those that will need to be referred to an alternative specialist hospital.

In addition to the changes in hospital services, we will also be increasing our ambulatory service with an additional vehicle and veterinarian on the road during business hours. This will allow the School to increase its primary care caseload, which is much needed for teaching purposes. This expanded ambulatory service will start operating 24/ 7 from December 14, 2020.

Our dedicated team are here to support our referring veterinarians, clients and the local equine community through this transition. Please note, operating hours remain unchanged for the remainder of the University Veterinary Teaching Hospital – Camden (livestock, small animal, pathology and AREPH (Avian, Reptile & Exotic Hospital)).

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact us on 02 4655 0777.