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Good as Gold

August 29, 2019

Equine veterinary hospital Comments Off on Standing tieback surgery for ‘roarers’




He raced, he evented 4* and now at 19 competes Grand Prix level showjumping

We asked Erin Roody what is the secret to keeping Gold sound!

Tell us about Gold?
Gold is a 19-year-old TB gelding who raced until the age of 6 and then was evented up to 4 * star level by fellow CEC client Soigne Jackson (completing five 4* events at Adelaide International). 4 years ago Soigne asked me to help manage Gold as he had a number of musculoskeletal issues and she wanted to give him the best chance of completing his final event in 2016 at Adelaide. Gold retired from eventing career at Adelaide in 2016 and I was lucky to then have him in my stables to continue his showjumping career. We are currently competing at Mini-Prix/Grand Prix level showjumping which is up to 1 .50m

You were having some problems with him, what were they?
Gold has numerous musculoskeletal issues – in particular, severe arthritis in his hocks, coffin joints and sacro-illiac joint. He has also sustained and recovered from superficial digital flexor tendon tears in his left front and left hind as well as an injury to his right knee and right hock. It is an ongoing effort between the Camden Equine Centre and my wonderful farrier, Craig Watson, to keep him sound and competitive at his current level. We have also formulated a very specific, nutritionally complete and balanced diet for him with the help of Linda Lord from Poseidon Equine.

What treatment options have you explored? Gold is treated with a number of things including regular joint injections, corrective shoeing, acupuncture, chiropractic work, 4Cyte Epitalis, Pentosan Gold and Halo, Glucosamine, therapeutic massage and icing. He has had a multitude of X-Rays, Ultrasounds, Nuclear Scintigraphy and MRl’s to correctly diagnose and stage his injuries.

What treatment option worked?
In my opinion the acupuncture treatments have been a key component of Gold’s management plan and have been far more effective than traditional alternatives such as massage, physic or chiropractic adjustments.

How do you know it works?
Gold is sounder and more comfortable in himself day to day and week to week, he truly enjoys the acupuncture sessions and we have been able to reduce the frequency of his joint injections and other management medications. He recovers quicker from big events and is softer and more elastic in his body (even at 19 year of age!) Acupuncture has also helped Gold’s temperament and attitude – he is able to stay calm and focused yet still energetic and powerful which is a balance we have struggled with throughout his career.

How often does Gold receive Acupuncture treatment?
1-2 times per week in the competition season, fortnightly or monthly if not actively competing.

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