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How animals in need helped Buddy see again

December 8, 2020

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The dream of having a family farm where they could live happily with their six children and foster children had finally become a reality earlier this year for the local Camden family. Mum, Crystal English had lost her confidence riding many years ago after a fall; she was determined to find the perfect horse for her and her children to ride. ”Buddy” was just that, an incredibly kind and gentle 20-year-old quarter horse who came into their lives only six weeks ago.

Unfortunately, Buddy had a paddock accident and had a significant hindlimb wound; he immediately came into Camden Equine Centre, where the team treated his injury and was discharged. However, three days after discharge, we had an after-hours call from Crystal with a concern that Buddy was unable to see.

The English family were now faced with two rather serious medical problems and due to financial constraints were not able to afford the further testing and treatment needed for Buddy’s eye condition. The team at Camden Equine Centre were able to offer financial assistance through the Animals In Need fund, Crystal was overwhelmed with the offer and burst into tears knowing that Buddy was able to get the treatment needed thanks to the generosity of those who have donated to the fund.

Buddy was immediately brought into the hospital where diagnostic tests were performed on the eye include eye exams, eye ultrasound and eye pressure measuring

Buddy was diagnosed with bilateral uveitis and associated glaucoma; the exact cause is unknown at this stage. A lavage system for medicating the eye in both eyes. Buddy responded very well to topical eye medications and has a fair to good prognosis but will require monitoring for the next 2-3 weeks.

The team at Camden Equine Centre is delighted to see Buddy return home to the family who loves and adore him; we look forward to seeing more Buddy updates soon.

Please consider giving in support of the Animal In Needs fund give.sydney.edu.au/ain

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