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Meet the Vet – Dr Emma Cox!

February 12, 2021

Equine veterinary hospital Comments Off on Standing tieback surgery for ‘roarers’




Emma graduated from the University of Sydney, before completing an equine internship at Camden Equine Centre. She then spent a year as an ambulatory vet at Wollondilly Equine with Dr Andrew Argyle, where some of you may have met her already. Never flying far from the coop, Emma is now back at Camden undertaking a sports medicine residency. She wants to become a specialist to be able to help people and their horses to successfully enjoy any equestrian pursuit, which is what sports medicine is all about. You may also know Emma from her recent survey about horse rugging in Australia, the results of which she plans to publish soon.
Outside of work you’ll catch Emma running long distances around the streets of Camden and Cobbitty training for her first marathon or riding her horse Sunny at the crack of dawn before work. She’s also frequently seen with a fluffy black chihuahua in tow, Pico and has 3 rescue cats Alfie, Rupert and Peter. And she’s madly planning her wedding for 2022.
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