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Parasite Control Month wrapped up!

June 22, 2021

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Thanks to the wet warm conditions during Autumn, this was a record year for egg counts, with many samples coming in at 1000+ eggs per gram of faeces. These are very high levels for horses and are much higher than we have seen in any of our previous Parasite Control Months.
The ‘winner’ of Parasite Control Month was Monty. Monty had no signs of worms but had a faecal egg count of 4400 Strongyle eggs per gram! This is 22 times higher than the acceptable level of 200 eggs per gram or less.
Performing a faecal egg count meant we were able to create an appropriate worming plan for Monty, and 2 weeks after treatment his count had returned to zero, confirming that the drench used was effective.
Internal parasites can be a very serious problem for horses, and in some cases, no signs may be seen. We recommend that faecal egg counts be performed 2-4 times per year to guide appropriate drenching strategies. Please contact the clinic on (02) 4655 0777 if you would like to discuss your worming program with one of our veterinarians.
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