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Take a guess what’s hiding beneath the pus?

February 15, 2021

Equine veterinary hospital Comments Off on Standing tieback surgery for ‘roarers’




**Warning graphic content**
‘Bobby’ was seen by his local vet for lameness in his front limb; the vet located an abscess on the back of his pastern and created a small incision to drain. Whilst draining, the vet felt a hard object beneath the skin and Bobby was referred to Camden Equine Centre for further evaluation. This video shows the attending vet draining the foot.

This next video shows Bobby’s pastern after it has been lavaged; Dr Marta Wereszka explored and was surprised what came out. Bobby later had surgery to evaluate if any vital structures were compromised and thoroughly clean any debride and establish drainage. The piece of cane had forced itself into the palmer pastern by going through the heel of the hoof.

As you can see from the photo below, the area heeled incredibly well, Bobby is back to being the athletic polo pony he was before the injury.
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