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Tooth be told

March 31, 2020

Equine veterinary hospital Comments Off on Standing tieback surgery for ‘roarers’




Tooth be told, dental decay and cavities can have huge health and wellbeing effects for horses.

A lot was discovered when this horse recently visited CEC for his routine annual dental examination. The dental consultation included an oroscopic investigation which uses a high-tech dental camera to check the horse mouth. An oroscopy is an efficient way to assess and diagnose a range of dental issues, and in this case, it revealed a concerning amount of dental decay. The decay was more predominate in the centre parts in his upper molars (called infundibula), cavities were present and were packed with food which has led to the development of decay. If the tooth was left untreated it will evolve in a midline fracture of the tooth.

Luckily treatment options have been developed to limit the progression of the decay in the infundibular cavities, this horse had the decayed material removed and a composite filling placed on the problem areas. This procedure has a good prognosis for halting the progression of the decay and avoiding the occurrence of dental fractures in the horse.

Remember, your horse’s teeth are like his superannuation. If the horse wants to live a happy long life in retirement, his teeth will be essential to his wellbeing.

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